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Wellbeing support using Animal Assisted Therapy

Paw Pause brings together qualified allied-health professionals and qualified therapy dogs to support children and teenagers at school.

Paw Pause therapy teams support students with reducing anxiety, school attendance, classroom participation and resilience.

Our professional teams provide school-based sessions designed around student timetables to decrease disruption and support emotional regulation and learning.

Best of all, our dogs have the power to change attitudes about school – so students look forward to attending school and thriving in the classroom.

Supporting each student to realise their potential

  • Positive support achieving wellbeing outcomes within a school environment
  • Building resilience, with a focus on wellbeing and personal growth
  • Support designed to increase student attendance
  • School-based sessions designed around school timetables

Paw Pause is dedicated to the best therapeutic outcomes for students and aims to:

  • provide interactive class/school participation
  • build on evidence-based practice to support students and families
  • provide individualised personal wellbeing support tailored to the student’s needs
  • use side by side practice
  • focus on a holistic approach to personalised support
  • provide therapeutic support with a clear intent to develop resilience, wellbeing and personal growth within the school and community.

What others are saying about Paw Pause

Eddie has been an important part of school for our students and staff. They have looked for him in the mornings to pat and have a soft landing into school.

Eddie has attended a number of our whole school events such as Sports Day & assemblies to support students to regulate, and smaller events such as our IESP Year 6 to 7 transition visits to help the students feel more comfortable in a new environment.

Sarah, Inclusive Education Leader
Playford International College

I have had the pleasure of working in a classroom where the lovely Niki and Eddie attend to help create calm.

Eddie is the most handsome, calm, intuitive dog. I love how he can be in an environment that can be loud and busy, and help the students to create calm and balance. You should also see him join in meditation in yoga, itโ€™s brilliant.

Niki is very experienced and supportive too all. Such a great team ๐Ÿ’œ

Westport Primary School

Paw Pause acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters across Australia in which we share. We pay our respects to Elders past and present and to the children who are leaders of tomorrow. We acknowledge the histories and living cultures and the many thousands of years in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have raised their children to be safe and strong. We recognise and accept it is the oldest continuous living culture in the world and that their sovereignty has never been ceded. We are an inclusive, safe and respectful organisation which celebrates diversity and actively supports the inclusion of children, young people and adults from LGBTIQ+ communities, people with disabilities, people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and people with diverse religious beliefs or affiliations.